Our Mission:

Discover Community Identity

Neighborhood Grow is a non-profit community economic development group of conveners working with residents, community leaders, businesses, and local institutions to identify community priorities, opportunities and economic possibilities. We leverage social capital, private capital, and technical expertise for sustainable neighborhood development and increased civic participation.

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Our Values

Possibilities vs. Problem Solving

Gifts vs. Deficiencies

Fostering Collaboration


Our Approach

CREATING A VIBRANT COMMUNITY ONE RELATIONSHIP AT A TIME. Generating sustainable neighborhood transformation via an asset-based approach to community & economic development.

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Restoring the Commons

We know community development and economic development are intertwined. The traditional form of development operates in a way of communicating deficiencies in a community. This forms a narrative of “marginalized”, and a community of needs. We work to shift those community narratives, and activate residents to take control over their economic futures.


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Neighborhood Grow is a non-profit organization in the State of Ohio. Donations are welcome and encouraged to fund community initiatives.