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Christ Church Cathedral - Becoming Beloved Community

The  Episcopal Church’s Becoming Beloved Community vision frames a path for Episcopalians to address racial injustice and grow as a community of reconcilers, justice-makers, and healers who share a passion for the dream of God. .


Brueggeman center for dialogue

One of the main features of the The Brueggeman Center is that all of their work -  locally, nationally and globally - is collaborative. They partner on every project they do and have since their beginning over 15 years ago.


39A Design

Focus is on leading small business, start-ups, institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures through “design thinking” and “design doing” to launch innovative ideas and grow business.



Brick Gardens, LLC

Converting vacant buildings into indoor vertical farms to provide fresh, healthy produce for people living in the food deserts of Cincinnati, OH.


Economics of Compassion initiative

The Economics of Compassion Initiative believes that traditional top-down measures to alleviate poverty are historically exhausted. These measures have rigidly associated poverty with crime, violence, brokenness and despair and developing strategies that address poverty by focusing on fixing what’s wrong. The ECI’s re-imagined approach focuses not only on changing a community’s economic circumstances but changing the communal story. Changing the communal story shifts the question from “how can we fix what’s wrong” to “how do we create a life for people carved out of their own imagination.”